The Foundations of Islam

one-year course covering the basics of Islam to provide students with a firm foundation in Religion.

The Qur’an emphasizes that the believer should have firm foundations of Islam. Allah the Exalted says, Who is better: the person who lays the foundations of his building upon mindfulness of Allah and His good pleasure, or the person who lays the foundation of his building upon the brink of a crumbling precipice? [Qur’an 9:109)

This program is an opportunity to bring the blessings of sacred knowledge into our day-to-day life. Rooted in our scholarly tradition and taught with our current context in mind, Foundations of Islam aims to provide students with the knowledge of the individual obligations (Fard ‘Ayn), which includes Aqida (Theology), Fiqh
(Jurisprudence), Tajweed (Qur’anic Recitation) and Tasawwuf (Spirituality).

The Course will be taught by our esteemed teachers Shaykh Faiz Amīr, Ustadh Muhiy al-Sunnah, Ustadha Thameena Khan and Wajid Sohail.

Curriculum Texts

Theology & Jurisprudence • Ascent to Felicity by Imam Shurunbulali

Spirituality • Al-Mawarid al-Rawiyya -commentary by (Habib Ahmad b Zayn al-Habashi)

Tajweed • Tajweed Rules of the Qur’an (Part 1)

Term Time Details

Term 1: 12th September 2023 – 15th December 2023
Term 2: 3rd January 2024 – 26th March 2024
Term 3: 16th April 2024 – 19th July 2024 Tuesday, Wednesday* & Fridays

The Sessions

Class 1 (Tuesdays):
Theology & Jurisprudence with Ustadh Muhiy al-Sunnah

Class 2 (Fridays):
Spirituality with Shaykh Faiz Amīr

Class 3: (Mondays (Women) / Wednesdays (Men):
Tajweed with Wajid Sohail & Female Instructor Monthly Class: (1st Saturday of Every Month) Preservers of Faith with Ustadha Thameena Khan | Women Only

Course Cost

The course cost is £500 per Academic Year which includes: Tuition and Course Texts


Admissions are now open. Spaces are limited.

Contact details to register:

07708 290587