Archery – Prophetic Sports

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One of the most ancient arts still practised today, archery is inextricably linked with the intellect. It requires focus, so practising it provides active meditation, helping to still the mind while engaging the body.

Archery improves hand-eye coordination, strengthens muscles, boosts energy levels and increases blood flow. It is even believed to ease arthritis pain through consistent practice and developing muscle memory.


‘Verily, strength is in archery.’

(Sahih Muslim)


The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was trained in archery from a very young age. He practised it as a hobby and in warfare. The greatest archer amongst the Companions of the Prophet (SAW) was Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas (RA), and his excellence in archery brought great joy and pleasure to the Prophet (SAW).


‘Lands will be thrown open to you and Allah will suffice you against their evil,
but none of you should give up sporting with his arrows, and you shall know.’

(Sahih Muslim)


OCC’s Traditional Archery Course offers students a unique opportunity to revive a sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) and reclaim an ancient art form. Students engage in a transformative sport with physical and mental benefits, while learning to wield the most elegant and widely used weapon in recorded history. Designed for boys and girls, men and women, ages 11-plus, the course runs for 10 weeks, throughout the year.

Our course has a high success rate. To date, many of our alumni have qualified as professional archers and come back to teach new students. We also take part in local (Oxford and Surrey) and overseas (Turkey) tournaments.



7pm – women’s session

8pm – men’s session

£40 for 10 weeks


Beech Hill Primary School

Hampton Road




All equipment is provided, including arm guards and thumb rings.

Contact details to register:

07708 290587


Please note that sessions are those who have done archery before.


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Everything you need to know about our Madrasa

Classes are kept small to maximise learning and benefit. Each class will have a maximum of six students, based on their needs.

We don’t offer online classes. We believe that students only really benefit from being in the company and presence of teachers, and this is how religion has always been taught.

Yes, we have exams at the end of each term.

Each year, OCC organises the One Umrah Sojourn. UNS academy students are encouraged to attend this, with their parents. Excluding travel and accommodation costs, there is no additional fee for attending.