UNS Academy

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Weekend Islamic School

UNS academy is a weekend Islamic school for young people aged 13 – 16. Incorporating academic study and sports, classes are designed for students to gain a strong foundation in Islamic knowledge and establish a vital connection with the prophetic traditions.

UNS Academy offers an Islamic education, adapted for the contemporary age. Classical subjects are taught in a way that’s accessible to the current generation of young people, enabling them to better engage with what they are learning. In this way, students are able to reclaim their cultural and religious heritage, while acquiring the tools to better navigate the modern world they live in.

Classes include:


Seerah – Prophetic Biography



Islamic Law


Prophetic Sports – Archery – Swimming – Martial Arts – Horse Riding

All our instructors are qualified, enthusiastic teachers grounded in the fundamentals of Islamic knowledge. Students will also benefit from talks, lectures and workshops by guest scholars and visiting instructors.

At OCC, we organise retreats and trips year-round, which UNS Academy students are encouraged to attend. These give them a break from their studies and helps to strengthen the bonds between peers, as well as between students and their teachers.



11am to 1pm

£45 per month


Chaucer House – for boys

Luton Active Support – for girls


Admissions are now open. Spaces are limited.

Contact details to register:

07708 290587



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Everything you need to know about our Madrasa

Classes are kept small to maximise learning and benefit. Each class will have a maximum of six students, based on their needs.

We don’t offer online classes. We believe that students only really benefit from being in the company and presence of teachers, and this is how religion has always been taught.

Yes, we have exams at the end of each term.

Each year, OCC organises the One Umrah Sojourn. UNS academy students are encouraged to attend this, with their parents. Excluding travel and accommodation costs, there is no additional fee for attending.