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Core Team behind OCC

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Any organisation is indebted to those who believe in and assist in fulfilling its vision. We are grateful to the core team behind the organisation, and to the wider group of supporters and helpers who have given their time and effort, to help give service to a vision that will outlive us and benefit generations to come.

The Organisation is fostered by and connected to important and special people across various fields who make up our local and global community.

Our vision can only be realised through the people that contribute to and benefit by what we do. Our work is directed by the supporting hands of a primary community, who ultimately have broader influence and impact on many people across the UK and beyond.


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Wajid Sohail


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Sobaan Riaz

Sobaan Riaz is one of the long serving members of OCC and has been imperative to its success over the last decade. He has been part of managing and supporting the first Waqf (Endowment) for the charity. He has also been involved in various community endeavours and grassroot initiatives. 

Sobaan lives in Luton with his family.

Khayam Khan

Khayam Khan is a founding member of the Organisation and has been engaged, for over a decade in supporting various projects and making them a reality. He is an experienced youth worker and has played a vital role in supporting our youth program. Khayam is also supporting our educational and communal initiatives.

Khayam lives in Luton with his wife and child. 


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Parwez Joghee


Parwez Joghee, originally from Mauritius came to UK to complete his accountancy studies and works as a senior accountant in London, with over ten years’ experience. He was a member of a Zakat Trust Fund, involved in administration and distribution thereof and volunteered at the Masjid Tayba Mosque, in Mauritius. His roles included teaching, working on youth programs and administration. He has been actively involved in Da’wah for over five years. Parwez takes care of the official accounts for OCC. 

Parwez currently lives in Woking with his wife and two children.

Ali Shaan

Project Manager/Program Director

Ali Shaan has over 20 years of experience working as a qualified program director, program manager and consultant for various companies across the Globe. 

Some of the Business areas he has worked with include; ERP and business solutions in the distribution and manufacturing arena. Some of the Industries he has worked with include pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics and petroleum.

Ali currently lives in Luton with his wife and 4 children.

Madasser Hussain


​Madasser Hussain completed his studies in Economics and has since worked in a number of client facing roles, with 10+ years in experience, he is currently working as a sales director specialising in revenue generation and customer success. Madasser is currently head of fundraising and managing several campaigns for the Bahajtul Fu’ad Project. 

Madasser currently lives in Luton with his wife and two children.


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Uthman Ramadan

Educational Consultant/Teacher

Uthman Ramadan travelled at a young age to the Sacred Lands of Syria, Yemen and various places in Africa to study. Initially beginning his studies in Syria for three years then moving on to Tarim for over a decade. In between he travelled to Mauritania, Egypt and Turkey and other places to study with traditional scholars.

Some of these scholars with whom he has studied with and with some whom he continues to do so are; Habib Umar bin Hafiz, Habib Abu Bakr Al-Adani, Shaykh Umar Khateeb, Shaykh Muhammad Jumm’ah, Shaykh Shannar, Murabit Ahmad Faal and Murabit Haddameen. 

Ustādh Uthman was not only a student of Dar al Mustafa in Tarim but also remained as the main Hanafi Fiqh Teacher in Dar al Mustafa for 8 years. Ustadh Uthman currently is the head of Education for OCC and serves the Da’wah in its various fields.

Ustadh Uthman currently resides in Luton with his family. 

Faiz Amir


Shaykh Faiz began his religious education in 1998 in Damascus, Syria focusing primarily on Arabic language. In 2001 he furthered his studies in the Dar al-Mustafa seminary, Yemen, in both the core curriculum and private study. His teachers include Shaykh Salim Khatib, Habib Kazim Saqqaf, Habib Hashim b. Sahl, Shaykh Muhammad Amin Abuh Chinquite and Habib Umar b. Hafiz. In 2009 he helped establish the Ribat Institute focusing on educational & community projects including forming a partnership with the Ihsan Foundation in Sierra Leone, West Africa. He regularly lectures for a number of  initiatives across the UK, and has experience as a project worker for long-term sufferers of mental illnesses in inner London. Additionally from 2009-2018 he served as the Imam to Broadmoor Hospital working with some of the most challenging inmates in the UK.

Shaykh Faiz teaches Hadith on a weekly basis for OCC and is a senior advisor to our vision and Da’wah efforts.

Shaykh Faiz lives in Woking with his wife and children.

Thameena Khan


Ustadha Thameena Khan studied Fiqh, Arabic language and Aqeedah as well as various other subjects under Ustadh Haroon Hanif. She also studied several subjects under Ustadh Ibrahim Osi Efa; this led to her travelling with her husband to Tarim where she studied at Dar al-Zahra. 

She studied under Hababah Nur (daughter of the late mufti of Bayda, Habib Muhammad al-Haddar), Ustadhah A’isha (daughter of Habib Umar), Ustadhah Zainab al-Khatib (wife of Habib Hashim bin Sahl), Ustadhah Aisha (daughter of the mufti of Tarim Habib Mashoor bin salim) and Ustada Munira al-Junaid. Ustadha Thameena does outreach programs for OCC and plays a vital role in raising Prophetic Young Women for the future generations. 

Ustadha Thameena now resides in Crawley with her husband and children, benefitting various communities. 


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Junaid Baig

Head of Strategic Investments

Junaid holds a first-class BA (hons) in Accounting and Finance and is a qualified chartered management accountant. Before joining BNPP, he worked as a financial controller and an Accountant for several institutions including AXA, Trinity Estates, Easy Jet and National Grid Transco. 

Junaid is based in London and has a global mandate to manage BNP Paribas’ strategic investments portfolio. In his role, he is responsible for defining the strategic equity investment strategy for Global Markets. Junaid manages minority equity investments in FinTech’s, markets infrastructure companies and merger acquisitions within the Global Market business. He has closed landmark deals such as Kantox, Symphony, Digital Asset holdings, and acquisition of the Prime Brokerage business from DB.

Junaid currently lives in Luton with his wife and 3 children.


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Abdul-Qadir Bhatti


Abdul-Qadir Bhatti has worked with multiple organisations over the past 5 years, producing content varying from interviews, podcasts, sport, adverts, events, and documentaries. 

Now working with OCC under Sublime Lights, his focus is to now capture people’s experiences, emotions, and journeys, for people to relive the memories in years to come. Alongside this, he is working on producing high quality video content for the Muslim community to benefit from in the current climate and for the future generations. 

Abdul Qadir currently lives in Luton with his family.